Ultimate Small Business Accounting for DNN

Ultimate Small Business Accounting for DNN is Your Perfect Controllership Solution

Our package is made up of a suite of user-friendly, safe and reliable accounting modules. Backed by decades of accounting, small-entity and non-profit experience, DNN Ledger delivers all the features you’d expect from a robust controllership application. Things like:

  • Integration with your existing DNN modules. This eliminates the need to download your ecommerce or registration data into another bookkeeping system.
  • Centralization of bookkeeping tools into one place. That makes them available on-line 24/7—a perfect solution for volunteer treasurers.
  • On-line Expense Reimbursement and Management. greatly simplifies the processing and tracking of expense reimbursement requests.
  • Detailed Reporting allows you to quickly compile data for management, audit and tax reporting.
  • Robust Application Security allows you to easily authorize and set up multiple users with different roles.


Key Features

The Ultimate Small Business Accounting package contains a collection of modules that provide all the accounting functions you require:

  • General Ledger

o   Create your own custom chart of accounts.

o   Journal entries can be entered manually.

  • Expense Management

o   On-line expense reimbursement for members, volunteers and vendors.

o   On-line review, approval and payment of submitted statements.

  • Automation

o   Create automated journal entries to capture registration and e-commerce activity from other DNN modules and book it to the appropriate account.

  • Reporting

o   Transactional-level reporting.

o   Account-level reporting.

  • Reconciliation

o   Automated reconciliation of accounts.

  • Organization

o   Organize your books to match the structure of your organization.

o   Create Business Units, Departments and/or Programs.

  • Security

o   Administrative controls allow you to assign type of access to each bookkeeping function.


Note this release is for single portal installations. Our next release will be multi portal compatible and purchasers of this release will receive the upgraded version when it becomes available.

Purchase now from the DNN store at our introductory price of  just $79.95